Solid Branding

Having a solid brand in place is absolutely a must before you even think about creating a website.

Why? Well when you create a website you are creating a website for your customers if you don’t have solid branding in place you might now know exactly WHO your customers are making it’s really difficult to design a website that is going to attract and turn your browsers into buyers.

Which, after all is the why behind you creating a site anyway. A website that doesn’t bring your business new leads is a waste (kind of like beer without the alcohol if you ask me…pointless!). The branding process will give you clear direction and a solid basis for your website.


Designers see it sooo often we are hired and we send out the design questionnaire & ask for the website content/images and the client seems to think that we as designers are going to write the content for them.

Granted, I can see how this can be overlooked and not even thought of as a client but this is such an important and often overlooked step. BEFORE you hire a website designer you NEED to have your website copy written.

You can do this yourself OR you can hire a copywriter to complete this task for you.

Domain Name & Hosting

Not all designers require you to have a domain name and hosting before working with them but MOST do

Domain Name – A domain name is the address that your website visitors will use to find your website just as you have an “address” for your physical home you website will have its own unique domain name aka address on the web. I use and highly recommend

Hosting – Your hosting is where all your website files are stored allowing it to be accessible on the web sort of like your how your home holds your stuff. In order for your designers to make a live functioning website for you they will need you to have this in place. I use and highly recommend*